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Utilise Bounce Rate To Boost Your Small Business Strategy

by Irsah inDesigns 04/10/2012

A bounce rate is calculated in percentages, whih means, a higher percent of your sites bounce rate, visitors view the site without reading other related pages. Hence, for the lower bounce rate means user stay on the website or blog and actually navigate through other relevant pages due to their inte…

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20 Topics Drives Unique Traffic For Your Small Business Site

by Irsah inDesigns 27/09/2012

A list of topics for your small business website or blog contents that will easily brings unique traffic. Highly searchable titles whih will benefit your sites visitors growth and provide useful informations for your future clients.

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Getting Back Website Search After Google Animals Hit

by Irsah inDesigns 24/09/2012

Since Google+ is part of Google's big happy family, not actively involved, you will miss opportunities. The power of socializing and building up the ranks for your website. As for Twitter, it's links is a good and indexed by search results pages and will enhance your websites visibility.

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Design Jovian Mandagie Koleksi Aidiladha Poplook Sold Out

by Irsah inDesigns 21/09/2012

Design baju designer Jovian Mandagie RTW koleksi Aidiladha Hari Raya Haji eksklusif di the Poplook. Barisan rekaan kesinambungan kejayaan Boxing Day dan Design Baju Raya Aidilfitri lalu. Kini semua wanita boleh memakai koleksi Jovian.

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Small Business Lose SEO When Not Using Google Keyword Tools

by Irsah inDesigns 19/09/2012

In on line business, product or service providers, SEO is a strategic marketing practice. Small business should only use SEO if your business strategy is really going to spice up some revenue. With the simplest mistakes, your business will definitely lose money.

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