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Small Business Lose SEO When Not Using Google Keyword Tools

Getting to Know Your Small Business Needs SEO or Not?

Millions and I mean millions of people uses Google 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to search about anything to everything. From searching information about “making money” to “free download antvirus programs”, it’s all out there. It is said that more than 50% of users click on the 1st page and almost nobody clicks on the 15th page of SERP’s. Which means only the front runner websites will be easily visited due to their search positions.

To me, SEO is actually a collection of tactics and strategies that would help boost your website in 1st positions in SERP's. It also depends on what the users search term would be. For example, a seafood resaurant in Kuala Lumpur, will really benefit from being #1 on Google for search terms like "KL best seafood" or "seafood restaurants Kuala Lumpur."

Analising Your Competition

In on line business, product selling or professional service providers, SEO is a strategic marketing practice. For small business, you should only do SEO if your strategy is really going to spice up some revenue. With the simplest mistakes, it will definitely lose money.

If you want to figure out how your small business needs SEO, you probably need to find out how many people are searching on whatever you sell, produce and provide. We could recommend Google Keyword Tool to find this out on what would be the search trends with Google users.

Evaluating Data and Conclude

Let see how we can measure if your small business generate profit through SEO and search engines practices. Let’s say, I want to find a Canon printer repair for my printer. So I’ll type in “Printer Service in Kuala Lumpur” or “KL printer repairs”. Through Google Keyword Tool, all variations of the above keywords and phrases would probably generate about 15,000 searches a month. And with the recent data received through the big-G, 56% of users click on websites in the 1st pages of search engine results page - SERP’s. So, simple calculation, with the above keyword, you’ll probably get almost 8,000 clicks per month for your website which means about 8,000 visitors to your website. (note: figures used as indicators only)

Back to the real world, let’s assume that 5% of the visitors (should be reasonable), the figures used, the amount of visitors that really needs some printer repairs. This means, if your website was found in the 1st page, it will probably generate about 400 visitors per month. Hmm, sounds interesting?

Simple calculations again, with 400 visitors and $20.00 per service, then your roughly monthly sales would easily sums up to $8000.00 per month. So, if that figure is higher then what will cost you for a professional SEO service, then you probably do it.

It is essential to indicate and gather all the figures by using the keyword tool provided by Google. In certain small business industries, SEO can generate revenue and there are cases that others does not anymore. This is due to different small business industries which has different marginal profits with different search volume per month. By doing SEO best practices, which is sometimes timely and expensive, it is crucial to make an early projection for your small business if it really needs SEO or not.