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Getting Back Website Search After Google Animals Hit

Building a website and getting noticed especially with Google is not a matter of magic. You, probably heard of buying links and doing a lot of optimising activities and tweaks, but at the end, your website and pages could not be seen in search results pages SERP's.

It will get you to think, what did I do wrong? Well, over optimising your website with inproper link building, will definitely be penalized by Google. With new and current updates set at certain time frames, you can not fool Google in making its searches a more relevant a reliable source by many. If you keep up on the basics of search engine optiisations, like natural link building strategies, keyword and keyphrases strategies, quality content, then your website will definitely get that extra edge.

The Google Pros would say.. “Never sacrifice the quality of your copy for the sake of the search engines. It’s just not necessary. The next time you write a new page of copy, test this approach to writing for the engines and see if you get as good (or better) results than before. I’m betting you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

So, always keep in mind, stuffing keywords or keywords phrases in title, content and even alt images would be punished. As long a you follow the basics, then there will be more opportunities for you to come.

The Era of Social Media - Twitter Vs Google+

Since Google+ is part of Google's big happy family, if you're not actively involved, you will miss a lot of opportunities. Not just for social sharing, it is the power of socializing in building up the ranks for your website.

As for Twitter, it's individual links actually are indexed in web searches especially Google. It is a totally different approcah like Facebook because the platform is solely dedicated for social means only. So, if you have to choose between Twitter and Facebook, now would be the right time.

Breakthroughs with Google+ and Twitter

Google is really keeping and eye with Google+ and the +1's, not just one eye, but both. If you do not have an account, it will be probably best to register one right now. It's FREE anyway. Current trends is forseeing Google has made a tie with Google+ accounts through search pages, and it is best to fully enforce the leverage given.

Consider Google+ like a popularity through voting contest but has the ear of Google, where, +1's would be the voting count. Anything you do on Google+ will most certainly impact your website’s web visibility in the future. This has been stressed for a year or so by Google, through its seminars, forums and webmasters videos.

So, the sooner for you and your businesses embrace Google+ and start building your network, you will have that huge leverage in the future. This activity will be shown in your own personal and expanded network’s search or social results.

Heard of Google Search Plus

In mid January, Google rolled out an important change to their search index. They named it Google Search Plus (if we're not mistaken). We usely call it Search+ or Search Plus. Google stated that they will be using activity, updates, Google+ activity, and +1 activity in the search results that they deliver to you personally and to those in your Google+ network.

The interesting thing about the changes by Google is, if you are logged out of your Google account, Google can still keep track of your activity. An additional and most important that was announced by Google is that, social related results will be shown in the Google index pages personally selected for you and it will also contain Google+ activity across your Google+ social network.

In the end, if you start building your network now, your information and website could be appearing in search results for a very wider network of readers and potential prospects. It's almost like word-of-mouth referals. With the changes, links to you and your profile will likely carry more authority for your future clients. Everyone weights a reference by a friend about a business more than a written review found randomly on the Web. This will be the real impact of Google+ and +1′s in the very near future.

Why Is It Important with Google

Information here is actually important because small businesses rely on Google and have to sequence with its changes. An we know that by now, Google owns more than 60% of the online search market. As a result, to position well on Google means taking full advantage of what Google considers important.

Google+ is not Facebook and will never be. Google considers Google+ and its services as an integral part for the new era of search and how search results will be rendered and delivered. It will totally benefit organic search placement as the new search results sequences will be rolled out by Google.

Will you stop Link Building If Google+ On A Rampage?

You have to think about link building too. Delivered through natural, precise and strategic way. Blogging will be the best case to make it look natural. As you can see, Google considers each blog post as a new page on your website, but a page with different topic. With this taken to account, each new page will be easier placed in search results for a specific topic.

If a page gets indexed, your blog can lead readers to your websites and will eventually improve your ranks in search engine results. Will there be any negative influence or downside for my websites with the many pages?

After much investigations, there's none. Because through blogs and new fresh contents, it creates that natural appeal with search robots for a certain topic. Hence, by posting 3 articles a week, which can total to 144 pages or more for your website, and through comments, it will bring thousands of links, a year. So, it is seen as a natural build up, rather keeping up that old 5 static pages of your website.

Round Up

To make it clear, there are no "black magic" or a secret potion in getting that organic placement for your website in search results pages. As Google webmaster would say, create good, quality, readable contents, which will have weight and authority with SERP's. In addition, matured and established website will get that extra edge.

Remember, taking steps one at a time? Google really loves this. Natural yet consistent progress of your website through blogging activities and growing your links slowly would be the best option.

Social exchanges are very prone with Google and they even include the Tweets links from Twitters in their search results pages.

Please do not see a new Google product with only one eye. Take Google services more seriously. You can actually see the changes in Google Webmaster and Google Analytics, where these sites could actually track your account, your website and show your site search impact.

Finally, it is very difficult in growing and building an organic search placement nowadays, but there are smart strategies which you can easily create if you follow through the basis what Google putting weight on the most

Title: Getting Back Website Search Results After Google Changes
Reviewed By: Irsah Imihar on Nov 17
Summary: Quick website/blog recovery from recent search engine changes.  -  Efforts gaining back your website/blog momentum/placement in search results pages (SERP's) after recent upgrade. Utilise safe and strategic methods to gain back great results for your website or blog by following general webmasters rules.  -  Rating: 4