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Custom Google+ Pop Up Social Share Buttons/Icons Improve Website

by Irsah inDesigns 20/11/2012

In this tutorial, we would like to share with you on how to add/install a workable/custom browser friendly pop up social share button for Google Plus. In addition, you can customise the required icons/images accordingly to your website's current/future layout design. Which means, your site will have…

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How To Start Your Small Business Keyword Research Easily

by Irsah inDesigns 14/11/2012

There were some queries and questions from the audience regarding keyword, its potential and the research stage. I was thinking, it would be a great idea to add this here in Small-BizNext for reference and future reads. We do not want getting the wrong keywords and getting the wrong results for your…

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RSS Issues On Concrete5 Site - IntenseDebate/CommentLuv Links Problem

by Irsah inDesigns 07/11/2012

Most favourable comments system for Concrete5 sites, we guess would be from DISQUS, which it can be easily installed via the free add on available in Concete5 Marketplace. Everybody know by now, how DISQUS upgraded their functionality and even their loading scripts which will ease your web site spee…

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5 Powerful Innovative Ideas That Will Inspire Small Business Today

by Irsah inDesigns 31/10/2012

With today technology, services and products lifecycle is coming of age and in turn global trade is leading its own powerful path. Competition between small businesses in the internet today has lowered its barriers in various industries. So, what will be next for small business owners on line and of…

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Install concrete5 version CMS - Build Websites Remotely On PC

by Irsah inDesigns 29/10/2012

Steps on how to install remotely your Concrete5 Version 5.6.2 (latest-September 2012) Content Management System (CMS) using XAMPP and WAMPP remote server features. Easy building websites and blogs on PC before going out live on the internet.

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