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20 Topics Drives Unique Traffic For Your Small Business Site

We know by now how sometimes you'll get idea block in writing a post to support your small business website/blog. If you’re in a big corporation, probably there are a lot of people which could easily create contents which is relevant to your industry. But what happen if you're just starting off?

Well, we allocated some great ideas and ways to help kick-off your industry content writing, hence get that edge with the search result pages SERP’s. Below are some of the ideas in developing a content which could benefit your blog topics. If you’re still struggling for blog ideas, try some of these top tips.

20 Topics Which Can Easily Brings Visitors to You Small Business Site 

Current Trends

This does not mean to copy the local news! Have a look on the current trends, extrapolate it, make smart predictions like what’s the future will be for your industry.

Your List.

Even Google Webmaster Pro Matt Cutts advise to make lists. Try to write a useful list of introduction like top 10 best up-coming bloggers which is relevant in your field. use free tools like Alexa to back up your facts.

Interesting Issues

Find current topic which has relevant with your small business that has high engagement for a debate. Express your own opinions, new ideas, and portray different view on the issue.

Myths and Misconceptions

Ever thought of typical myths and misconceptions about your industry? Well, you can make a list of these interesting topics and then debunk them all together.

Satirize a well-known personality – it can be someone inside or outside your industry.

Find well known brand

Try to analyze big brand names and finding their good and bad points. Express where the brand has the edge and use creativity in sending out your opinions of their mistakes.

Argue With a High Level Personality

You can probably find individual in your field and disagree with their opinions. Through creative writing, prove their opinions wrong and elaborate on your opinions.

Case Studies

In small business, there are lots of case studies that will go wrong. Find relevant topics which you can analyze the case study mistakes and explain ways to fix them.


Have your readers a sneak preview of future plans and products from your company. Break some news keep it simple yet informative.

List of important free tools

Well almost everybody using the internet like free tools. Try to list tools which is free that is vital with the people in your industry. Elaborate on why they can live without it.


Make a list of comparison between the new and old ways in strategizing your business industries.

Allegory Writing

It does not hurt in creating an allegory about your idol doing your business. For Example "How Najib Razak Approach on SEO for politics" or maybe "Will KRU rock the stage without Internet Marketing”. You'll get the idea.

Events and Forums

Go to a trade fair or industry event and report on it.


Do a comparison of your national market to markets abroad.


Review a book which deals with your industry – particularly if it contains some interesting outside the box thinking.

What's New

Find out about something new for your industry – a tool, a website, a method etc. – and write about it.

Join Industry Leaders

Identify industry leaders in your area and ask them to do a guest post.

Ethical Codes

Write a code of business ethics for your industry.


Conduct an interview with a prominent or rising industry figure and write it up.

Use Social and Resources Websites

Check Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Fixya to find out what’s most popular right now, and what questions people are seeking answers to. Then provide the information they want on your blog.