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Create Featured concrete5 Custom RSS Feed Reader Page

by Irsah inDesigns 25/01/2013

Use and customize concrete5 pagelist block to present a full featured RSS feed reader page for your website eith subscription and social bookmarking links, like services provided by feed-reader providers.

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Consistent Arrange Contents With concrete5 Skeleton Themes on Mobile Devices

by Irsah inDesigns 23/01/2013

Here we are going to explore another feature using Skeleton framework and concrete5. Creating your content to consistently arrange/stacked on any screen sizes. If you have work with Skeleton framework or/and concrete5, basically you can get the general idea. When the browser sizes change, ie for mob…

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Customize concrete5 Skeleton Responsive Themes

by Irsah inDesigns 22/01/2013

Customize Skeleton themes with concrete5, use built-in classes, auto image scale, video re-scale towards a responsive web design approach, much more easier with concrete5 functionality.

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Pagelist Block Most Popular Pages Mod Template

by Irsah inDesigns 27/12/2012

Customize concrete5 pagelist block using safe block template core overrides, included CSS startup block styles.

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Download Full AVG Internet Security 2013 - Activation Key Included

by Irsah inDesigns 28/11/2012

AVG Internet Security is a very good security software for Windows which, like its name, protects your PC from all kinds of internet threats such us viruses, malwares, worms, bots , spywares and also spam. The system kicks right in, way before you turn on your computer! Which means, all treats w…

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