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Google Plus Positive Impact For Small Business Growth

Basics on How to Effeciently Use Your Google Plus for Personal and Small Business Networking

In 2011, Google Plus, the premier social networking site was launched by Google. Now, Google never looked back. Improvements after improvements, Google Plus have changed the lives of 250 million users including small business owners.

People have dubbed Google Plus is similar to Facebook with a different kind of twist. We will not elaborate on that matter, but we will focus on how efficient your Google Plus account can be for personal and small business users.

When opening your first Google Plus account, you will get confused with the many features. Each Google Plus features has a unique way in sorting out your connections with other Google Plus account holders and now you can actually relate your business with your account. Since people has been asking us, some tips on using the Google Plus Account, so, we try to simplify the best we can, on the basic features it has to get at least a decent amount of efficiency for your personal or business from your Google Plus account.

The Google Plus Profile

First and foremost, always take advantage of your profile. When signed in and activated, fill out the necessary boxes to establish your personal identity and the best thing, connect your account with your business, website, blog and whatever related. Use a decent image of yourself rather than a company logo, because it will establish an actual relationship with a person, giving you a head start for your on line business. Try to use as much as possible while showcasing in what you and your business can provide in the "Äbout" page of your profile, whilst keeping your personal identity as well.  

Check Your Google Plus Settings

There are many notification options available to you. You can opt to get notified when someone mentions you or adds you to their circle. With the available options, be sure sure to check all the ones that apply anc convenient and relevant for your use.

Send Invitations To Join Your Circles

There is a suggestion list provided by Google Plus of people which you can invite in your circles. Try to browse through the suggestions automated to you by Google Plus and make a habit inviting different people to your appropriate circles. You can bet that more people will not accept that invitation but it helps in building and effective networking strategy.

Your Business in Circles – Categorize for Efficiency

Using “Circles”, a feature in Google Plus will allow you to categorise your followers  It is another way to target your messages to the appropriate group of people. You do not have to send a one mass posting to non relevant people in your "Circles", so, you will have an advantage of getting the message through. Basically, "Circles" by Google Plus is actually another feature where work and play can be in one account efficiently, for personal and business networking.

Starting your Hangouts

This is the actual feature that separate GooglePlus from their competitor, Facebook and even many other social networking sites. This feature will allow you to connect with other Google Plus Acount holders at one time. As you can see, it is used for meeting, demo’s, training, webinar, online-classes and many more. You can use this tool by Google Plus as creative as you like, to get the best out of its features.

Sparks Lights Up

If we are not mistaken, "Spark" was introduced after the rejuvenate Google Plus account last year. Another great feature by Google, it may come in handy because it lets you enter a keyword, then an alert will be sent to you whenever any content or contents for the subject is posted. It is quite cool to search for, especially if you want to find a more relevant and interesting content to share.

You can actual saved searches for your "Sparks" by clicking Home and then the "More" dropdown box, in your Google Plus page..

Shorten Your URL

Did you realize that your Google Plus URL is quite long with a bunch of numbers for your profile and authorship connection? Make sure the URL is shorten by using gplus to and choose a nick name for your Google Plus URL given for your account. If you want more to connect with your business or services, you can opt for a nick name similar to your company name but either way a lot of users actually uses their own name as well.

Drag and Drop Feature

The drag and drop feature made life easier with your Google Plus account. Photos, links, videos, etc. can be dragged and dropped from your computer desktop right into your Google Plus comment box. It will allow you to create a more unique post and broaden your creativity in writing and designing skills.

Notifications by Google Plus

If you check your e-mail, pr whenever you logged in to your Google Plus account, you probably see a small image of you on the top right of the browser. As you hover the picture, if clicked, it will open up a small window. It actually helps you in commenting to your Google Plus page via anywhere even browsing to other pages. It opens up a special box which you can actually take a glimpse on current happenings in your Google Plus account. A real time saver and you can also browse through newer nd older posts, you and your circles shared in the small window, without ever going to your  Google Plus page.

Use Mashable

Mashable, as you all know, is a great news source which will keep you current with lots of Google’s features, updates, and other digital social media. By doing this, it will allow you to make the most of your Google Plus and other social media strategies for your business use.

Its been a good 2 years now, since the premier launch of Google Plus by Google and it has gain popularity among the internet users. In 2011, during the major launch, Google Plus actually had 5 million user signed up, and received tremendously by users. Even though Google Plus is not taken seriously, especially from small business owners, like they do via Facebook, with the many features incorporated in Google plus, our best bet, it will be an effective component in striving towards one of the best social networking strategy for personal and business use.

Our special thanks to for enlightening us with the great features of Google plus for personal and business use. In addition, Allan MacCanell in breifing out some tweaks for the "Sparks" features in Google Plus.