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Avoid Penguin Updates Safely And Strategically

6 Easy Steps and Ways To Outrank Your Blog or Website Competitor

Avoiding Penguin Google Updates to your website or blog is probably your main concern today, as you can see in search results, more original and quality websites get the leverage. Sometimes, you as a site owner or maybe a business owner will be scratching your heads finding the right keywords for your website. Did you you that you can leverage your new website with other website’s PR  and get multiple positions in search engine very quick? Yes you can actually do this safely and not get punished. With the recent Penguin updates, they have penalised website which was “fully optimised” either through froum registrations or maybe one way link building. Nowadays, Google is looking for natural links to websites, with quality and original contents. Here we like to provide 6 suggestions on how to get your websites ranked well in search engines through higher PR websites which you and your business would benefit easily and affectively.  

WordPress.Com Blog – Relevant Contents and Linked

You can actually create a new blog in Worpress platform and create the title and description of the blog uniquely relevant to your website. And you probably already know that WordPress is actually a PR 9 status domain. So it really will boost your website rank with links to this domain naturally. Keep in mind, it is quite hard for your domain to reach this level of Page Rank, but by hosting your relevant keywords in it will really put some weight to your website exposure.

Have you ever wonder, why WordPress is highly ranked than other blog platform? Simple. WordPress does not accept non quality content or “junk” articles. Our advise is, do a blog at Word Press manually and fill it with unique and non copied articles/posts which has the relevant keywords to your web sites. The results will actually keep you smiling. During our research, we found out that even the keywords that was implimented in our swebsite can easily be outranked by WordPress blog platform with the same relevancy. Odd huh? It’s amazing how a ranked domain site can easily out perform yours in search engines.

Blogger.Com – Will free blog platform really help?

Many web developers for sure started blogging through Blogger.Com (blogspot) platform. has a PR9 rank with Google, and links to the domain is considered naturally safe. Do the same techniques as of WP and always remember, copy and paste content is a no-no. Fill with original content on both of these free blog platforms. Do link your web blogs between one to the other and as added feature, linked them with your main websites as well. Free and easy right?

Blog Posts Guest Writing - Real Readers and Quality Contents

If there is a high quality article from a known high PageRank website, which is uniquely published on the front pages of search engines with your links in it, is the best SEO strategy ever. As you probably have read from our previous articles, quality and original articles and contents which is linked to higher PR websites or blog, is the most safest techniques in link build up. So, you will actually feel safe during the future updates especially by Google, hence making sure the links to your website is natural as can be. And as you know more spammy competitor wil definitely get that kick to the behind and you will be proud of it. 

Here is a list of 9 high traffic blogs that accept guest blog posts.

Facebook Fanpage – How Do You Optimise It

Almost every body in Malaysia uses social networs e.g. Facebook Twitter etc. We found out the truth through our searches, newsletters and even from our counterparts the greatness behind social sharing with your website. Did you know that if your FaceBook Fan Page that was created with your keywords can actually outranked your website in search engines easily? Some people would actually feel it is not fair because at the most, your initial website would probably has the best content and more relevancy to the searched keywords. So keep this in mind, these new and current changes by search engines, really putting social media a jump start. You can start building your own FB FanPage and described it uniquely with your keywords then link the descriptions to your website. Do make sure that quality contents, uploaded videos and the works is really inside your FanPage rather and others not related and with no relevancy to your website.

Uploading Videos With Keywords – Will It Work?

When we were starting our normal investigations and findings in making SEO more fun and interesting, we found out that Youtube among others, video hosts, really are considered natural links through Google eyes. If you upload your own video and you will actually be the sole owner through the video hosts. With its natural “nofollow” links, it does not look spammy to search engines. Natively, these video hosts would make your uploaded video title and descriptions linked to the owner or owner’s website hence providing the best link build. So, make sure your keywords are uniquely natural to the title and description of your uploaded videos. And try to upload your video to highly active and ranked video websites/host so you could probably generate some trafic and making sure a higher leverage and weight for your keywords. You can find a collection of quality video hosts websites in this article. Facts: Did you know that Youtube is a PR9?

Upload Contents to Content Sharing Hosts

You all recognise Scribd and Mediafire right? These are a few of content sharing host website that are available either free or with a premium accounts. Some of these domains are actually ranked high with Google. And amazingly there a few video sharing websites has a very high traffic exchanges in the world. Upload your documents to document sharing websites/hosts and benefit from having your documents, put in your keywords in the title and description and don’t forget create the links in your website. Not only you get traffic from people directly searching these documents, these sites actually get highly ranked in Google searches and can easily outrank your website through your relevant keywords. You can find a detail list of content sharing sites ranked by Alexa and Page Rank in this webmaster website.

Join Yahoo Answers Ask Questions Leave Replies

Yahoo Answers does not give you do follow links, but the point here is, finding real people, real visitors, who looks for real answers, visit this website. Try to search for questions related to your industry or niche and give thoughtful and relevant answers to that searched questions. Leave links back to your website. In short, the main idea is when a Yahoo visitor search for your keyword in its websites, it would actually point to your websites based on your relevant answers. Amazing huh? It’s quite unique and for a long run its worth it. We’ve even done this technique to other Q and A websites as well, and right now the traffic is smooth sailing for us and and linking to higher PR sites been better and natural.

So, with the new changes today, we see that linking to social media websites and sharing your content really build up your websites authority in web searches. As we explained, you do not have to worry about your website during Google updates since that all links to your websites is natural as one can be. Websites today are really bouncing around witrh authority and ranking, and by doing these easy steps, you will not ever think about your websites rank bouncing anymore. Pure natural links to higher PageRank websites made easy.

We also did a simple case study on our blog during the initial stages of our website link building (in Malay language) authority and the figures really show that much of improvements within a short time period. Our main domain was awarded a PR2 under 60 days and ranked well with Alexa. (better than not being ranked at all) But the main turn over for us is, like we said, by sharing our findings and doing researches, our website actually suffered the consequences. If not it would probably be ranked higher. We know as most of our blogging community websites, who reads our findings really got a big bang by Google PR changes recently. A PR0 to PR4 and some at PR3 with good page authority. And that is worth sharing, don’t you think so?

Reference:,, Matthew Meyer

We found this article recently and we would like to share some of the great webmaster techniques, which we actually did to our blog and websites. We simplify the methods used, and amazingly it really boost or websites in search engines. Originally written by Matthew Meyer and simplified to our findings written by Team Irsah.