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Must Have Wordpress Plugin For Your Small Business Website/Blog

New users of Wordpress really have a tough time figuring out what “extra’s” and “must have” plugin for their WP blog or websites. When the main reason switching to Wordpress is none other than the powerful plugins ability offered to it’s users

Here we want to share some of the “must have” plugins for Wordpress users, which will definitely turn your blogging platform experience into that powerhouse networking site. Works great with search engine and users in mind.

Wordpress is also very useful for "soon to be experts" website owners and would definitely enhance your business, if you opt for a small business website. With plenty of free and premium themes to choose from, WP updates easily according to your small business website/bloging needs.

The main idea for this selection is for the functionality purposes, due to most Wordpress plugins works almost alike. The list below is gathered by John, designer/ developer with Wordpress powered websites and plugins. He listed 19 of the best Wordpress plugins for your blog or website and we totally agree with most of his selections, especially for your upcoming Worpress powered small business website/blog.


Must Have Plugin For Your Wordpress Site   


W3 Total Cache

This is one the most powerful plugin for Wordpress.  It can easily improve your website load time 10 times quicker, if configured correctly. Works great for shared hosting and dedicated server websites due to the ability to decrease your bandwith by almost 80 percent. Its main feature would be the “http” header compression ability, page caching, minify your stylesheets (CSS ).  For advance users, you can opt for WP Supercache due to the complicated/advance settings.


Yoast WordPress SEO

Another powerful plugin for Wordpress easily out foxed all the SEO plugins in the market. For better site experience, you have to opt for the pro version and you’ll have the same plugin ability as All in One SEO for Wordpress. It can create sitemap files to connect with Google and Bing Webmaster tools. Easily import and export files (even migration) if you opt to switch to All in One SEO plugin.


WP-DB Manager

Manages your Wordpress database and does the ultimate backup for your Wordpress files. You can schedule your database backup and it can e-mail to you on the actions/reminder too! You can also optimise files on your database which will definitely improve your website performance.


Broken Link Checker

It works for checking those broken links on your Wordpress site. Save time and links “values” too! The plugin scans broken links and provides a panel for you to edit the detected links. You can also edit the existing links to un-link all together.


Advanced TinyMCE

It’s a “What You See What You Get Editor” (WYSIWYG) for WordPress backpanel. The standard features in WP have limited options whilst it strips out paragraphs and line breaks. TinyMCE makes it easier for you to write and draft your articles with various added functionality like, advance image displays, advanced link, contextual menus, emoticons and many-many more.


Ping Optimizer for Wordpress

Very useful for automatic update and ping-ing to search engine/feed servers. It also notifies users through the admin panel on new update services. A must have, if you have regular posts and articles to publish but the downside would be the automated pinging through corrections of your published posts. This can easily get your site banned by ping servers, by continuous pinging, but on the other hand, makes you want to correct your articles more extensively before publishing.



The favourite download plugin for Wordpress of all time. It allows your website/blog to display efficiently for mobile phones. Improve usability for your site in smart phones easily, with added options such as mobile ads and a pro upgrade for broader features and themes.


The Related Posts Plugin

The ability to display related posts or articles on your Wordpress powered pages and helps in reducing bounce rate. Visitors have more options to continue reading related articles you’ve posted. Easy install and plenty of customisations which you can tweak for only related articles to certain pages/ topic.


Coming Soon page

Name says it all. Very useful if your site or page if not completed or under construction. You can continue building your site when visitors will never have the chance to see your tweaks in action. The "coming soon page" is a must in making your blog/site look more professional, while building it!


Akismet SPAM Filtering/Protection

A must have when you have a lot of visitors in leaving comments. Some just want to leave unwanted links on your website pages and it could hurt your SEO and search engine visibility. It's best to keep those problems at bay and you can freely organise your publishing and contents with ease.

Thanks to John for providing and narrowing down the lists from hundred of plugins for Wordpress. Oh, we forgot, the above plugins for Wordpress is actually FREE! Hop on over to WP plugin repository and type the magic keywords for the plugins. Hope you have a great experience with WP.  

And remember, there will always be a certain learning curve in the internet world. Just like our Concrete5 website. It’s never too late to learn something rather than never to learn at all.