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Directory4E_-_Small_BizNext_SEO_URL_Friendly_Directory.jpgHello You're probably here to know how to submit you're business website or personal blog to Directory4E Small-BizNext Directory. Thank you for your interest. Here, we're going to show you the simple steps to submit your blog or website to the directory.

As submitting to directories is one of the oldest methods by SEO professionals in building quality links and enhance your website presence in SERP's, let's make it more valuable. Some of the steps listed here, will  definitely boost your site visibility through safe link building techniques and inter-relation to relevant categories. As our categories lists is based on the listing provided by Search Engine Webmasters Tools, it will be much easier for search engine crawlers in finding the link relevance with your site.


Guide in Submitting Your Website or Blog to Directory4E


Link Type

Please select the link type prefered. If you opt for FREE link with reciprocal (exchange), click the radio button provided. We only provide only one link to your site with reciprocal link. If you need more links, you can opt for the Premium Link or Featured Link type with a minimal fee. For more info and the additional ability for Premium and Featured Links, you can read our Directory4E Special Features.   


Site  Name

Please include your full site title/name. For instane, if your current site title/name is "bloggertricks", it is best to include unique titles and names relevant to your niche. A good example would be; "Best blogger tips and tutorials revealed". Think of it as enhancing your current site title/name and preventing from search engine title duplicates, which will definately harm your site. The maximum characters for your site title.nbame is 60, so make full use.


Your URL

Make sure to include the http:// protocol in full, as the directory robots will do weekly updates on links approved. The directory will automatically drop your lnks if it's web crawlers does not find it. Don't worry, we've added the directory notification feature, to alert you on the current situation via e-mail, for your nescessary actions.


Your Website Description

Most important, a unique description will definetly give that extra edge for your website search engine visibility and bring more traffic too! We provide at least 500 characters for your site description, and let's make it valuable.

It is best to summarize your site description with various key phrases to your website or blog niche. An example for a photography niche blog: "Our blog is about the current news and issues with Cannon photogrphy gadjets. Here, we share relevant knowledgebase information with other photography acessories too.....".

You probably get an idea. Be creative and never copy paste from your existing site or other directory submissions. It will duplicate your site description in search engines and probably get penalized suspected of spamming. Make full use of your description and most important, readable to humans!


Selecting a Category

Small BizNext Directory have utilised the same category listing from Search Engine Webmater Tools. It is quite easy for you to locate/select the prefered category of choice with your niche.

For business site owners, the website categories is the bests as currently the directory team has built reputable link building campaign with the listed sites. If you want to submit your business site blog, here would be the best area.

As for blog owners, selecting the blog categories is prefered. Currently, the directory Team have engaged with blog owners regularly via blog walking and blogger SEO events. Select the prefered category to your blog niche to get that extra leverage via link building.


Reciprocal Link

For FREE users this is the URL where you linked back to the directory. You have only one option to any page in your site. Please include the full http:// protocol and in FULL to your web/blog page. Most of the users uses their "Links Exchange" page or " Contact" page but it is NOT the best location.

As web crawlers search links, if links to this directory were found at your "contact" page for instance, it does pass the "link values" due to unrelated contents (either than the attributes set). So, it is best located at your Home page or maybe at pages/posts which has the best value in search engine for your niche.  

Here in Directory4E Small-BizNext URL Friendly Directory, we accept various URL to your site depending on your contents or maybe your site page. Most of the users prefer their Home page for anchored links, and that's fine too.


Contact Name

Please include your contact name which commonly associated with your site/blog in current serch engines results. Your name is also important in providing the "professional look" and helping out web crawlers linking back to your web pages.


Your E-Mail Address

Rule of thumb, for avid web users, the minimum e-mail you must have is 2. No 1 e-mail address is for your personal use aka to friends and family, whilst no. 2 is for your website existence. You can have more, but that would be a headache.

Here we do not disclose users e-mail addresses publicly. It is against our policy and local/international internet communication law. It is also against the "Search Engine Webmaster Law" too! Our website and the company managing it, is fully registered with local and international authorities and we are liable for any Internet Communication Rules and Regulations applied.

The best thing, we do not send out newletters. Having hard time to check on your SPAM mail as it is, we, the directory Team will not add more suffer to your inboxes.


Click and Submit

Fill in the CATCHA code given (security for spamming and phishing purposes), click submit and you're done! Within 2 - 48 hours, you will recieve a notification e-mail for your submission status from us. But make sure that your Reciprocal Links aka Exchange Link is activated on your site first.

You can find out more on how to drop your approved submission to the directory. You can also contact us at our secured contact page and we will gladly assist you. Thank you for inquiries and welcome to the Small BizNext web community.




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