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RSS Issues On Concrete5 Site - IntenseDebate/CommentLuv Links Problem

Most Concrete5 users/owners are keen on going for external comment system ie. Intense Debate, DISQUS, on their C5 website or blog. Don't get us wrong, as the standard add-on for Concrete5 built website commenting system aka Guestbook/Comments is powerful as it is. With additional free add-on like E-Mail Obfuscator, your forms will be SPAM free too.

Most favourable comments system for Concrete5 sites, we guess would be from DISQUS, which it can be easily installed via the free add on available in Concete5 Marketplace. Everybody know by now, DISQUS developers had upgraded their functionality and even their loading scripts which will decrease your website page speed while socializing through the comments system itself.

Then again, it depends on your client' s requirement. Here in Malaysia, they are more favourable using Intense Debate Comments system with CommentLuv plug in, and with Concrete5, it is pretty much easy to install too.

But there are known issues we encounter, using Intense Debate installations, especially with CommentLuv feed URL links to your recent posts from your Concrete5 website/blog. Here we like to address some work around for your infomation and reference.


Using Pre-Installed Block aka Page List by Concerete5

Although this block will not parse the whole entire page or images of your posts to external RSS feed readers, but, by doing this, it is safe if you have RSS/feed issues ie. inconsistent updates with add on blocks you've installed.

You want people to read your articles at your website though, rather than reading at external feed readers, so a small sniplet would really help to divert the traffic from feed readers to your site. Make sure a meaningful and attractive description is added on your Concrete5 blog pages properties via; Edit Page or Sitemap (Dashboard) > Your Page > Properties > Description.


Add Additional Code To Theme Headers

Some Concrete5 themes can easily detect your RSS URL, but there are a few, which have issues and problems. To do that;


Go to your theme > elements > headers > Edit > Copy the code below and paste before </head>;

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS Feed" href="/your-Concrete5-RSS-Feed-URL" />

Change the above lines in red to your Concrete5 website generated RSS URL (via Page List block) > Save and you're done.


To play it safe, the code above will tell RSS Feed robots where your feed is located in your website and detect it easily. Using icons and links on your webpages does not really help RSS feeder robots, when searching for your RSS URL/link, due to its nature.


Check/Update Your RSS URL Link with External RSS Feeders

Every time you create a RSS feed with the various add on in Concrete5 marketplace, the Core system will generate a new RSS URL for that specific block, either from blog_rss.php or the rss.php files extensions. So, always be consistent in generating your RSS feeder with specific block of choice to get the most out of Concrete5 functionality.

Regularly check and update your URL for the generated Concrete5 RSS-slug at your external RSS feeder accounts. Remember, the URL required is the .xml format and not the page you've created for your RSS list. Always copy the URL at you browser when inspecting your RSS structure, and that is your RSS feed link.


External RSS Feed Readers

When using IntenseDebate, the system will automatically generate it's own page ID/comments stream ID and reference, based on your blog page permanent URL. To do so, it is best to let IntenseDebate know that the comment system installed is based on your RSS feed permanent links by adding your long RSS feed URL code generated by Concrete5 in your IntenseDebate account > Website > Account Section.

There are some known issues, when Concrete5 IntenseDebate users have different URL links to their comments. It is usely caused by external RSS feeder server/proxies ie. As you can see, URL coming from Google feed readers has it's own extensions to your blog posts like http://yourdomain/yourblogpageURL/ (for example) and it will create a different URL ID/Comment ID altogether in your IntenseDebate comment system.

So it is best to make sure that all links are actually coming from your site and generated by Concrete5 core system, Especially, when you are tweaking around your blog pages/page directory structure. You can also do redirects, by adding the additional links in your blog page properties URL-slug or for advance users, tweaking your .php files and your domain .htaccess files


You can get additonal help and walk throughs from Concerete5 Community Forum webpage or with a few add ons and advance tweaks to your website.  In that forum, type your required inquiries in the search box, and easily find out best known issues with Concrete5, answered. Don't forget to register to the forum too!