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Setting up Free Publisher Account with Tynt Publisher Tool

Tynt Publisher Tool. It is a copy and paste detector for your published articles, posts and contents. Either on websites, blog, e-mail and even word processor softwares, Tynt Publisher Tools will detect your contents for you. Great tool to consider in providing usefull metrics and records for your SEO campaign. Helps you deliver a more relevan and targeted contents to your web and blog visitors either for reading or your market strategy.

You can find details and functionality of Tynt Publisher Tools here at to start your mood in SEO content writing. Find how SEO professionals and webmasters uses these tools to enhance their SEO techniques for their websites or blogs. 

So why wait? Web visitors will not wait for you and even SEO too. Be in front of your competitor and strategically bring viewers to your website/blog. It is a priority high for small business website or blog owners in getting that targeted visitors and possibly enhance product sales. It also helps you, as an enterprise owner, to narrow down the products which web visitors comes and search in your site. Did we mention that all this resources and tools are actually free! Tynt Publisher Tools does that and already to date, helped out many corporate to enterprise sized on line marketing establishments. That is why Tynt on line tools was recently acquired, in January 2012, by 33Across, to provide the advance technology, for their social ad-targeting strategy.


Setting Up Free Account with Tynt Publisher Tools

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This is the tutorial on how to activate and register your website, blog domain with Tynt Publisher Tools. It is just simple steps in installing javascipts to your websites coding template. Note, please back-up your current templates/codes before installing the javascrpts provided by Tynt Publisher Tools. All notifications and records metrics provided by Tyny will be sent to you via e-mail on a weekly bassis at real-time intervals.

Account Set Up at Tynt 

  1. Go to Tynt Publisher Signup Page.

  2. Fill up required information and customize the relevant data required by TYNT Publisher Tool script options.

  3. Grab the script and paste it on your site in between the  < head > section. For blogger (blogspot) owners, you can click TYNT required script, you’ll be directed to TYNT setup page.

  4. Once you have added script to your website, test your implemented Tynt script and receive periodic reports via email of your shared content. Please select appropriate options required and finish the signup.

  5. There, you have sucessfuly installed your Tynt script. If you want to modify your settings login, you can go to Tynt Publisher Tools Dashboard for further settings.

    An example of a Tynt Publisher report via Tynt.Com "ÿour account"


About TYNT From the Hardworking People at Tynt Publisher Online Tools

Tynt, is the world’s leading publisher toolset, which accurately predicts interest-driven user behavior on the Web for its vast network of premium partners. Tynt sees three out of every four of the world’s unique Internet users, and captures their interests and social interactions in what represents the “Interest Graph.” This data provides highly precise measurements of consumer intent and equips publishers with the tools they need to react quickly to new opportunities. Tynt has revolutionized online customization and enabled publisher brands to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Recently, Tynt was acquired by 33Across in January 2012.

You can find more resources information and how TYNT Publisher Tools works in video format.

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