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Friends ask us, if there was any alternative to help check my links especially my backlinks to my blog or site? Simple answer. There's tonnes. You can find it almost everywhere as you type the magic keywords in the Google search engine. Well, I ám not here to name a few, or create a long list just like your house and work schedules, but I'll try to review any FREE SEO toolswhich you can use to manage your blog or website back links automatically per say.

SEO Tool:

Alexa Traffic: 105,553 - 18/06/2012

Google Rank: PR 4 - June 2012

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Launched in the first quarter of 2012, the website features has advanced tremendously. During its initial stages, the website developers has added only one feature which was the automated backlinks monitor. Its services offer FREE check for 10 back links to your site once signed up, and the links periodically monitored. You can key in your desired back links URL's in your designated profile page. When finished, log out and let the website and tool developer send you e-mail if any links have been changed either to broken links or changed to no-follow links. It is some sort of an alert system which you follow up for the required back links changes almost immediately. 

In mid June 2012, have upgraded their services with a new SEO toy dubbed automated bulk backlink checker. Visitors can use this tool for FREE. If you are a registered user, you will have the benifit of using the tool without CAPTCHA. The website developers make it easier for registered users to use this tool and with a click of a button you can insert the selected links to be monitored by backlink checker tool.

MonitorBacklinks.Com also provide premium services which you could subscribe depending on the amount of links or backlinks required to monitor. A fair price for a service in making sure your website is beefed up by your hard work.

Monitor back links in a Glance.

It is an easy backlink checker tool that notifies you via email or in your change log if someone or somebody removes your links or suddenly makes them a no follow link instead. Also, it has more features, such as PageRank checker, automated broken link notification and link expiration, labels, HTTP header web check and much more.

Why should you use it? If you're building links, and I know web experts like you do, getting other web masters or web owners to link to you and getting the same in return is somewhat hard work right? You certainly want your links to be monitored, in case it is removed intentionally or by mistake. In other cases, some people suddenly added a no-follow link instead. So in these cases, MonitorBacklinks.Com will help you to save time and money by giving you information via your e-mail if somebody trying to manipulate the above attempts. If you have saved links in an excel file, notepad, or CSV file types, you can import easily by using the uploaded services the provided. 

FREE and Premium Monitored Backlinks.

How many links can you add? Currently you can add up to 10 links for FREE, changeble at any time. Or you can ask them to monitor 100 links for 4.95$/month, 500 links for 9.95$/month, 5000 links for 29.95$/month and 25000 links for 69.95$/month. You will get a special offer discount at 10% if you subscribe for 1 year.

For chrome users, MonitorBacklinks.Com have also developed its apps through Google Apps Store and you can read reviews from its current users at the below links.

Google: backlinks user reviews 

Standard services for the above, you will have unlimited URL's of different websites to monitor (delete/change/re-submit/re-check based on your subscription). Affiliate programs was also introduced which only registered users can subscribe to. Through this program, registered users can get additional links to monitor if refereed successfully. You can get detail subscription list at but it is reminded that you have to register and log in with the website to view the list stated.

SEO Tool:

Alexa Traffic: 105,553 - 18/06/2012

Google Rank: PR 4 - June 2012

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