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CSS/HTML Templates - 10 Beautiful Theme Ideas Creating Websites With Concrete5

More CSS/HTML templates for your Concrete5 theming, specially designed and very much suitable for a small business website. Minimal in concept, from the finest website developers and designers in helping you out, fellow Concreteers, in building that ideal and unique features for your clients.

For small business owners, here, we find it very suitable on your journey in upgrading your presence in the web world community. Added "WOW" factor, keeping up-to-date with current design trends and schematics, makes your business website blends with the pros. It's best to have developers and maybe you yourself, if you're building one with Concrete5.

And with ease, as Concrete5 open source CMS let's you change your theming and templates with a simple click of  a button. You can have the entire theme all through out your website or you can select individual pages for customisation. SEO wise? Easy with Concrete5. As theming is actually rendered by the CMS system, through your new "theme" files. Your original website contents, titles, meta's and so forth will still be intact.

A simple tip should do the trick, everytime you change your theming and templates, it is advised not to change dramatically your website header codes. It is hard enough for web crawlers to rank your web pages as it is, don't make it harder. Copy the entire original headers from your old theme and duplicate the files for your new themes. You can also do the same with the footers too.

Remember - do not simply modify concrete5 core folder aka "concrete", copy files to/from the public folders, the folders built by concrete5 installation, preferably your "themes" folder, if you're changing your themes for instance.

Here we have some wonderful resources to easily convert website themes and templates to concrete5. You can find more information at concrete5 website and forum, where Conceret5 developers usualy hangs out. You can also ask for help too, from these fine people, and questions are frequently answered. One must wonder, when does these concrete5 community sleeps? Answer is - NEVER!

Don't forget to check out below the free CSS/HTML themes and templates for your new Concrete5 project. Bare in mind, the collection below is NOT an official concrete5 theme or templates and design reference puprposes only. By the way, you've probably noticed, this site is also built by concrete5, using all the nescessary free add-on's available by the Conctrete5 community aka developers. Thanks guys, you're aweome!

Credits to for providing the initial CSS/HTML/PHP structure for this site concrete5 theme. We actually re-construct almost 99% of the entire theme itself, but still, great work guys, loving it.



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preview/Triangulr themes

Professional looking triangular concept web design using black/white/grey color tone. JQuery slider home page. Great triangular styled menus.


1 Coloumn

preview/SmartBiz themes

Large simple top navigations. 1 Column on all pages. Extreme nice placed headers for company image. Minimalist design.


1 column


Another white and turqoise highligh design Minimal and professional driven website Large fonts typesettings.


1 column

preview/companysupreme themes

Light grey/blue web themes with large fonts. Cool jquery actions. A 2 column blogger style pages included.

Speed Racing

1 Column

preview/Speed-Racing themes

Suitable for business owners in the automotive industry. Modern and minimal design. Large navigation and fonts.Clean and professional look.


1 Column


Extra large menu navigations. Drop down menu secondary navigations. JQuery slider. Professional looking clean and minimal.


1 Column

preview/Art_of_Your_Business themes

White and turqoise highlights/buttons. Simple gradients and shading. Minimal approach and professional look.


1 column

preview studioclick themes

Light bluish/grey gradient background. Floating like deign elements. Top navigation bar with drop down menu.

Real Estate

2 column

preview/RealEstate/ themes

Name says it all. Suitable for real estate business owners. Jquery sliders dark background. Large font type setting minimal design, bold image borders.


2 column

preview Biz Solution themes

A bright gradient yellow and white background theme. Very Clean professional look for small business. 2 column with prominent top navigartion.

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