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Copy Paste Benefit SEO - Tynt Publisher Tool Helped

Shared Contents Without Knowing and Benefit Your SEO

Copy and pasting is an SEO sin? Tynt Publisher Tool is here to save the day. Well, rule of thumb in search engine land, duplicate (maybe copied) contents are not good and a no-no. Even major search engine will react to your websites or blog with the same contents and you’ll probably notice it by now, the other twin is out of sight for sure. So, now, how could you benefit your twin (duplication) contents, if it has been copied and paste by somebody else?

You can, with Tynt Publisher Tool. It is a copy and paste resource centre for publishers, writers, website and blog owners contents, which in some cases, somehow the original contents having its own legs reaching to people all over the internet world.

So, you can identify who copied your contents and maybe get credits for it. Well, Tynt Publiser Tool goes beyond that. It is not about finding content infringements in the internet world, but giving back the credits to you especially in search engine land. So, let’s take a brief look from this free on line tool dedicated to small business owners website and blog.

What is Tynt Publisher Tool?

Tynt publisher tool is an on line free and premium tracking tool to track your original contents being copied and paste in another internet website, blog, e-mail and even MSWord pages. Tynt  metrics identifies the contents and images being copied from your website or blog. In another word, you can actually identify what users value the most from your website or blog contents.

As of November 2011, Tynt Publishing Tool has already been used by more than 600k publishers, website owners and blog owners all over the world, including our website, blog and clients’ website. So, you guys, if you think that you can copy and paste our contents here at our websites and blogs, think again! – Well from us you can, as long that you provide the necessary link from your website to ours, that is what the internet is for right?

To date Tynt on line tool for publisher’s, has 4 key important tools for your website/blog SEO purposes. We will try to brief out the features as best as we could so you can understand the tool details for you and your website/blog benefit. The four most important tools provided by Tynt Publisher Tool is called TYNT Keyword Tracking, TYNT SEO, TYNT Content Tracking and TYNT Social Share Tracking.


Tynt Keyword Tracking Tool for Website Blog Publishers

This tool provided by Tynt Publisher Tools inform you what word or phrases are bringing web visitors to your website or blog. It also shows you what keywords or keyword phrases bring these visitors out of your site. You, as a web or blog owner will now have real-time metrics to close between these two gaps, inbound and outbound keywords/phrases. By understanding Tynt Publishing reports, in bringing the records of readers responds to your contents of your website/blog, you can now act more intelligently in publishing articles which has most engagement with your readers.

The keyword tool by Tynt also keep tracks and records of inbound and outbound links from search terms in search engine browsers. You can easily find users searched keyword or keyword phrases that landed to your website more accurately. By giving this record, you can track the difference between incoming and outgoing keyword/phrases for your website’s content/s. Hence, easily explained, if your incoming keywords/phrases are different from your outbound keyword/phrases, which means your contents has targeted keyword gaps, so SEO wise, you can strategize your contents more effectively for your users.

Tynt SEO Tool for Strategic Search Engine Optimisations

This tool developed by Tynt Publisher Tool helps to trace your contents being copied and paste to any website, blog, e-mail and even word processing softwares like MS Word etc. TYNT will automatically add a special link to your original contents. In another word, automated free links to your website or blog contents. It is said that, this action actually will increase website traffic to 40% to the targeted web page, whenever the content is shared. This will eventually generate 8,000 to 10000 links back to your webpage and your website or blog generally. –source ravisaive

TYNT Content Tracking to Improve SEO Writing

Copy and paste is what users of the internet are popular used for. Finding relevant information and resources and keeping up to date through post, news, articles and bulletins contents, users have enough of informations for their dessired needs. Tynt Content Tracking feature will identify which part of your content/s and images being copied from your websites or blogs. Tynt content tracking gives this metric record to you at real time:-

  • Show your most popular content

  • High quality information and data for your future advertisers, way beyond your page views and visits statistics

  • Helps record and track stories/contents has the most magnet and viral shares from your website and blog visitors.

  • Help you to identify which content of yours is much more closest and most interesting to your visitors.

Tynt Social Tracking of Shared Contents 

By activating this tool, Tynt Social Tracking allows you as website/blog/publishers see and identify the amount of links shared via social media for example Facebook, Twitter, Email, among others, in graphical form. This tool will also help you to engage a more valued content from your website or blog towards your web visitors, hence having more "mileage" for your future contents/articles in the social media world.

You can also find how TYNT Publisher Tools links can improve your webpage SEO here, a question and answers forum by great webmasters and professionals in the industry to date.

More Info Updates on TYNT Publishing Tools for 2012

You can find more information on this tool at the links provided by experts or probably you can just Google it. We at MoodSEO have beeen using this tool since our website and blog setup and amazingly all the key features in search engine optimistions has been rectified accordingly. However, it is actually up to you, as websites and blog owners, to strategically balance your published articles the best way you can, and Tynt on line Publisher Tool will definitely keep you going. Here are some of the info gathered through the internet world:-

  1.  Tynt is a venture-backed start up that provides tools for publishers to get more backlinks easily when people copy and paste content... source

  2. ...33Across purchased technology that allows publishers to better chart the wealth of material that is digitally copied and pasted... source

  3. More news from 33Across an established social ad-targeting company, why 33Across acquired Tynt Publisher Tools development.

You can read and watch more features on how TYNT Publisher Tools works here at the link provided.

This article Copy Paste Benefit SEO - Tynt Publisher Tool was written by MoodSEO in house writers and administrators. They are a group of professiponals dedicated in helping Malaysia small business owners on line and off line needs.