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PLUS Urges Use TTA - Balik Kampung Motorists

PLUS Prepare Strategic Schedule - Smoother Travel Balik Kampung Along Highway

Last Tuesday (14/08/2012) in Kuala Lumpur, PLUS, the highway management for the North-South expressways has announced strategic planning and schedules for motorists for the Balik Kampung rush 2012. Motorists are heavily advised to use and follow the proposed schedule for a more safe and convenient travel Hari Raya 2012 balik kampung. They urge motorists to follow the PLUS Travel Time Advisory (TTA) schedule as shown below.

To ensure smoother and safer highway travel this Hari Raya, PLUS has prepared the TTA for those traveling in the Klang Valley heading up north and down south on Friday (17 August), Saturday (18 August) and Sunday (19 August) as well as for their return journey to the Klang Valley on the following Tuesday (21 August) until Sunday (26 August). PLUS is the first highway operator to introduce the highway travel schedule to assist the public in planning their journey and smoothen traffic flow on the highway.The managements of PLUS hopes that it will render the best solution for motorists during the Hari Raya festive Balik Kampung rush.

Apart from the TTA schedule, special rates and discounts is given to motorists who travel in PLUS highways during the festive season.These special rebate is also carried out to other Highway managements (concesionaires) participating, giving out special disconts amd rebate to motorists during the Hari Raya Balik Kampung rush. Please find the attached schedule below. 

So, motorists using the North-South expressways, please follow the necessary Time Travel Advisory schedule provided by PLUS in making sure a safer jouirney to Balik kampung. We hope that your travels will be a conveneint one as the related agencies has taken necessary actions in ensuring smooth travels for the Hari Raya Balik Kampung rush 2012. Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to all Muslims and Hope to see you back safely. - Community Reminder Mood by Team Irsah