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Clixsense Optimise Organic Visitors

Hello world. I've just received a request from a friend to optimise her ads forClixsense with her FREE 1,000 credit advert spaced she received. As you all know, if you're a PREMIUM member with Clixsense you'll recieve credits to optimise your web or maybe future affiliation for the program. Because of the design background I had for the past few years (not optimising my skills that much lately), it was crunch time for me to think deep finalised the brief and requirements.

As you all know, a PREMIUM member for Clixsense, you'll have the opportunity to advertise with them for the pay to click program. You can choose from 4 packages, listed by the Clixsense team, and to me by looking at it, fairly cheap for a 10 to 30 second ad. (Imagine the amount you have to pay for a real ad). We went clicking and viewing the ads that Clixsense offered for PREMIUM account (15 ads to be exact), and find what style of ad would be more appealing (managed to redeem a few bucks though).

So, to conclude our viewing endeavour, we had few ideas based on the simplest mistakes the existing ads was there for viewing. I'll like to share with you a few ideas I had and I'm implementing to my friends future ad design for Clixsense ad approval. So here goes.

First the Click Advertise Package.

Well, after viewing the packages list, we opt for the suggested Standard package byClixsense which was for 500 clicks (we could keep the remaining balance for future ad projects). Well, it look decent enough when Clixsense charge only 0.0019 cents per click for 30 seconds. Anyway we can start to see how will the blog traffic improve and gain future online customers. Anyway, she's selling women's accessories. Why do you want to advertise the same affiliate programs and beat your competitors. Join them and use it to your advantage. Just sell like you use to.

Second the Market.

As you all know, the 2 Million plus members of Clixsense does have the initial buying power. Why do I say that? Yeah, what else, a good place to sell is where the place that  produce money right? From our initial survey, it is possible, almost 60-70% of  Clixsense standard members are either students, houswife/husband, unemployed or just purely working from home. The rest are people who just want to make a few bucks here and there.

We decided to keep it in the middle. As Clixsense members average payout is at USD 50 to USD 100 a week, (minimum payout USD 8 for standard and USD 4 for Premium) that is fair enough. So, we decided to feature my friends product within that price range and products which slightly lower (since that she sells at Ringgit Malaysia rather than USD). So, we finalised the product list even with the product short and optimised description.

Third the Ad Setting and Layout.

30 seconds? How to cramp everything in 30 seconds? Even a car can be hijacked in 60 seconds, and still no one can realize it. So the key here, we want Clixsense members to see sniplets of the products, especially the featured items to sell with pricing. We want them to come back to the website later to browse and shop. So, the normal technique is to catch the human left brain. Colour, optimised images, comfortable typesetting and a clean focused layout. No bling-bling, video and nothing of such. Anyway your ad once click will be transfered to each of Clixsense members profile page. They could refer back anyway.

So, overall design, white spreadsheet of course. What do you aspect for 30 seconds, the clock will just run out on you right after loading the ad page. We need speed and quick load because we pity a few ads that was still loading and the clock counter just ran over them. Next thing is pray that the server kick some power during the ad campaign. We went for browser friendly fonts, we re-optimised the selected images and set the styling like the minimal designer would have done. Easy for the eyes, the direct approach, at least a welcome scene for future Clixsense viewers. So the ad design we could put it live not only for Clixsense, but we could install it together with her blog as pop-ups. That's a 2 in 1 for ya. 

Last words.

The design is still on its way and we will definitely keep you posted. Just to share a few info. As I browse through Clixsense websites, the Preimium offer for USD17 a year (roughly about RM 55.00) is by far the cheapest than their competitors. And the best thing you don't have to rent advert space and such. If you register with an affiliation to a Clixsense Premium account member, you actually benefit more than the people registering under the Standard account. Something me and friend just found out. Even with the added features eg. ClixGrid, Tasks, Offers and such, the earning amount released by Clixsense once registered is unimagineble. And probably you'll know that Premium account holders get twice as much of Pay to Click ads from the Standard account members do.

So if you like a walk through Clixsense you can browse at
If you want to register under Clixsense Premium account member and build twice as much than a Standard account at

Glad to share a few info on Build Clixsense Ads Optimise Organic Web Visitors.Just like to share the banner I've taken from Clicksence profile page for the blog ad. I'm currently trying to spruce it up. Cherio.