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Is Your Small Business Unique Enough?

You have to stand out from your enterprise competitors, if you want your small business to be the best in your industry. Either in real-life or through the internet, you have got to show your future clients and customers what makes you different from the others.

It's not about unique selling point, because it is only related to products or services you're selling. Here we are actually focusing on the quality of your small business which puts your business different from any other company in your industry, who are competing in your market.

If you're not sure, you would probably think it will be a long list. But honestly, its only one thing that you have to seriously consider - tracking your unique business feature.

Let us see some example from the big players in the market today. What would you associate Samsung with today? Well known for their innovative and cheap smart phones or some will say cool flat screen televisions. With that said, these are their selling point and unique features from Samsung themselves.


How about Lotus with its cool sports cars? Hand made body sports cars for the young and the restless - executives who love speed. Although it is expensive, here in Malaysia, one buys them for its quality and also the "sports" luxury.

Now, by applying the above thoughts in your small business, what will be your advantage above your competitors? It might be:-

  • Low prices – you have high volume products and low in costs so customers knows that they really in for a bargain.
  • Quality – people come for your services and products because they are prepared to pay a premium for excellence.
  • Specified items – people need your services because you source hard in finding items.

Get the approach? Shout it out loud. If you have identified your unique small business feature, make sure you use it wisely and extensively. Use it everywhere, in your marketing agenda, real-life and also in the internet through your website and your business blog.

Share it with your team. Let them understand what is your business future would be. Focusing them in making sure that your customers really know what's your small business is all about and potray the right impressions.

To become well known for a specific quality will really make sure your small business stands out from your competitors. And you will also bring the right kind of clients and customers to your small business door too!