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Page Rank: Explained

If you have a website and working on gaining online visitors or organic traffics from search engines, then you have probably heard about Google Page Rank. But what is Page Rank, in short PR, and how does it really affect a website or a domain? Here we will try to explain some current details and issues about Google Page Rank.

Google developed this page-rank system in order to see the authority and importance of website. The higher a website page is ranked, the more important and relevance through Google search crawlers. It iss part of their algorithmâ or technique (in simple word) they use to fetch significance information for your query through their search engines.

It is said that Page Rank is about linking up a website's pages with other webpages. Each page that Google indexes receives a page rank that is associated with. Each time a specific page links up to another specific page, some of that pages Page Rank value transfers to the page it's linking to. The higher the page is ranked with, the more page rank value gets passed on to the linked up page.

Whenever a page is linking between one and the other, the page is viewed something like a ballot vote from the page that is linked with. So to get your pages to ranked high, the method of norm used today is, by linking with higher ranking pages. And every rank of a pages is basically calculated mathematical to determine the importance and the page relevance to the subject and its contents.

A lot of people assumes that their pagerank is based or determined by their home page (index.html/index.php). So the home page of a website will receive the much weight for a website, Nowadays, not any more. Any page of a website can be ranked higher than the homepage based on the statement above. The crucial point you must consider is that a Page Rank which is passed between one page to another,through link ups, is totally not true.

Some people say that with higher Page Rank, it will effect your webpage search relevance with Google search engines. Well, Page Rank today is not that powerful as it used to be before. Before, by linking up webpages with higher Ranked pages, it is easier to get your pages in front and of course your pages will dominate the search results. But changes has been made to make the search call, to make it more relevant in fetching the desired information based on the rewuired quiries.

Today, with a more complex and advanced algorithms, it's not the same. Even your links, incoming and outgoing, play a major role in how your website will be ranks with search engines. Google actually has a free toolbar that offers to display your website/domain Page Rank for any webpages you are visiting. You can use this tool to check the page rank of any page of any website. But not a lot op internet users uses this tool. Some say slow loading and some says a nuicence. That is why they rather do Page Rank enquires through special websites tools to do the work. 

Frankly speaking, I do not put a heavy concern for getting ranked on my pages. What I will do is to help build quality website with quality contents and strategically organise the link ups. It will certainly put my pages in search engines. Create articles and submit to top and highly visited directories for your article archiving, most likely and will possibly put a descriptive significance for the webpages. Try to avoid exchanged links to many so it will be easier for you to control where your pages will link up too. It is bad to Google search eengines where your pages have duplicate and linking with bad neighbourhood websites e.g. spam websites.

So what is the Page Rank of your website? You can check your page rank FREE and no registration required at RankCheck 4E.

You can learn more on links and website optimisation through Google's Webmasters Tool website and see the basic overall website performance. Try to undestand the current issues stressed by Google, the do's and the don'ts, and get familiarize with the tool.

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