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How To Start Your Small Business Keyword Research Easily

I was speaking to a local community board the other day on small business moving forward and using the internet to maximize business potentials. There were some queries and questions from the audience regarding keyword, its potential and the research stage. I was thinking, it would be a great idea to add this here in Small-BizNext for reference and future reads. We do not want getting the wrong keywords and getting the wrong results for your future business website/blog, don’t we?

Keyword research and utilising its potential is part of SEO many strategies. And as I always mention throughout my talks, forums and discussions, it starts with the URL with the corresponding keyword you are optimising. Rule of thumb, have at most 3 words/keywords per URL, but as I have tabulated for these past months, 2 will be my best bet. But there are cases which 4 words/keywords, which you can get away with.

Find the right on-line keyword/s research tool you are familiar with and easily to use – user friendly. There are of course, free tools which you can use, but it depends on your basic business environment and requirements. Do a quick study, find out which browsers your target users uses the most, remarks on keyword tools by users, get the basics, just Google or Bing-ing it!

After getting down with the basics, for the  URL on your website and blog, write down what you think people would search for in major search engines ie Google, Bing etc. Do this for the particular page, in-fact you can do it to all your pages URL too! Use the keyword/s as a start for your keyword research. By doing this, you will know what people are searching through search engines and the results that they will get. To help you out, almost all keyword tools in the market will provide you with keyword recommendations based on your initial query.


Keeping You Focused - What To Look for Your Small Business Targeted Keyword


Non Competitive Searched Keyword/s

Have a strong budget for your small business? If not, then, do not go for highly competitive keyword. Sometimes it will just take a lot of money and time!

Search Volume

Every keyword must a have a search volume with search engines. Which means the particular word is actually searched for by users. Find the right balance for a specific keyword search volume due to its variations depending on niche and your business.

Cost Per Click

Well, it’s not buying an on-line service for you small business advertising campaign! When using the keywords tool, it will provide you with an average cost per click for a particular keyword/s. As you know, SEO is opposite of cost/pay per click. The idea here is, if advertisers are paying for that particular keyword, you can assume that the keyword is valuable.

Target Users

The most important aspect, your target keyword is also targeted in your URL. Which means if, someone who will search for the keyword and directed to you website pages, would it be a nice match?


In a nutshell, the above would be great effective basic keyword research, made simple and straight forward. It is just some of the simple guides, yet highly recommendable by SEO/SEM experts. Super important, do not stuff your keywords! Use synonyms and keywords phrases.