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Google PageRank 2012

Whether you have familiarize with Google Pagerank or a newbie in SEO, probably you may have heard or read about the potential if your website has a certain Google Page Rank. At one point, you may want to check your websites to see how your website/domain has been recognised by Google through their ranking system.

Time consuming sake, some people just check the main page with the many free tools provided by various websites. How accurate these tools are? Well, it is very subjective and depends how these websites developers updates their scripts and services. At the end of the day, it is up to you, to figure out which is which, and the best bet is through visiting a few other websites with the same serrvices and make comparison. 

Currently, word been out, dramatic changes by Google, in conducting a more extensive and accurate search engine services, your website pages is also ranked. And as a result, the total ranking is based on how your other pages doing and how it is recognised by Google. In another word, Google Internal Pagerank refers to the Google Pagerank of your internal web pages under your main page such as

You can check each page manually using the Google Toolbar Pagerank Meter, but it can be very time consuming. There are some online Google Internal Pagerank checkers, but many are limited, some require you to register, and some just don't work. The ones that do are generally limited and after doing a survey, almost all of the online Internal Page Rank Checkers are extremely slow.

We read in one of the forum that there used to be a very small program by that was that you could download and run from your local personal computer. It was quite fast and accurate. There were tons of sites all over the internet linking to it and giving positive feedbacks.  Today, we are clueless on current status, but it seems that the site does no longer has the Google Pagerank Checker anymore. 

We were able to locate a copy of the program on our USB stick (drive) downloaded from one of a the amzing webmasters forum in late 2008. This program is based on 'Twitter' bootstrap script which was updated to meet the current connection issues with Google. We are not taking credit for this program because we know how stressful in developing a program like this, but we like to share its capabilities with others. 

So if you are interested in a very simple program that will check not only your main page, but your internal pages as well and tell you the Google Pagerank, you might want try the program. It's totally free, no adware, no spyware, no, registration (yet) and it doesn't expire. Just copy and paste the selected pages address and the program will do the rest. In the near future, we will make it possible to download for your own use.

Credit to the initial developers of this script and Twitter-bootstrap.

You can find the PageRank Bulk Cheker Tool inour website.