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Directory Submissions: Submit Like A Pro

by Hidayat Yat

New website and blog owners will find one of many ways in helping to build up their website/blog is to create links. Either through social media or comments system, there are various altenatives in helping out in building anchored and safe links hence getting quality web visitors exposure. SEO pro will call it optimising your website or blog through quality link building.

Directory submission is the process of submitting a website or blog for a directory in a designated category. There are a lot of types of directories and some requires you to pay to get listed. But in the web world today, there are many FREE listing website directories which you can submit your website/blog to get those quality links. These types of listing makes it so popular amongst SEO profesionals in getting your website/blog noticed and help build quality non removal or anchored links.

If you come across a directory, when submitting, you are required to fill out certain fields to enroll your website/blog, approved and get listed. So here are the nescessary measure you must do in gaining the maximum exposure for your website/blog, just like a PRO.

Try to prepare a variety of titles and descriptions for your website or blog when submitting to different directories. This is due to the nature of search engines which eliminate duplicate titles and descriptions hence causing your directory submissions not to get indexed. If you have a unique title and descriptions, it will prevent search engine from suspecting that the submission is preformed on purpose, and definitely make the process more natural. When search engine sees it natural, it is more willingly to get indexed. 

In the internet, every listing has to be indexed so it can count the total amount of backlinks occured. If you use the same title and descriptions repeatively, let say in 500 or more directories, then, it is possible and high chance that your listing will not get indexed. So it is a must that you enter different and unique titles and descriptions in every listing. Please, do not copy and paste from one listing to the other because it will definitely create duplication in search engines.

If you have an option of tag-ing during the submission process, write down your website/blog strongest keywords. By doing this, directory visitors will easily find your listings through a prominent keyword to your website hence obtaining more web visitors. You can easily drive targeted traffic by tag-ing your stongest keyword or key word phrases to your site. For example, if your website is about Malaysia events, tag it with events, social events, Malaysia events and etc.

Sometimes you have to wait a long time until your listing is approved by the directories editor/s. It is best to target human edited directories rather than automated approval directories to prevent your sites from beeing listed in the wrong neighbourhood. For faster approval, you can opt for paid listings, and definitely, premium listings likes this will get more exposure in the directories above the FREE ones. Normally paid listings will be come featured listings hence giving more exposure in search engine indexing. Sometimes these listings are do-follow links, and it really help to boost your website/blog trust with search engines.  

Submitting to directories is actually tideous and tiring. If you do not have the time, there are qualified SEO internet marketing companies to guide and help you out. These SEO companies actually have a list of known directories, which is search engine friendly, fast approval listings and very helpful in exposing your website quicker and be above your competitor. Different companies such as this charge depending on your website/blog needs. So it is advisable to visit their competitor websites to get the value service for your money. Hence you will grow in finding the curves how these SEO companies submit your websites/blog in the process.

Here in Directory4e is a collection of trusted websites/blogs directories which our partners have used to get more information. Basically, the directory collections can be viewed in details of its respective site's current traffic standings for which you can select and submit your website/blog for listings. A part from that, you can submit your website for FREE too, in Directory4e and it is assured that aprroval is within 48 hours.

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