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BlogrShop Blogger Responsive Template

E-commerce featured Blogger store / shop template made specialy for bloggers. Auto e-mail invoice, add to cart, checkout premium features, free download.

Mosque Interior Renovation - Royal Prayers Area

Design illustration for a historical mosque at East Coast Malaysia dubbed the Royal Prayers / Waiting Area.

Office Stationery Illustration and Product Design

Illustration of office stationary items for a government agency with detail design and mock up sample items.

Meeting Room Extensive Renovation for a Corporate Office

Meeting room extensive renovation and works with custom design meeting table, cabinets, chairs and equipment.

Office Renovation from Existing Hostel Building at KL

Renovating a corporate office from an existing hostel building which includes layout plan, illustrations and detail design for a government attached office.

House Renovation and Recycled Building Materials

House renovation project at Pantai Dalam Kuala Lumpur using used and recycled building materials.

Housing Development Structural 3D Illustration

Quick 3D illustration for a housing project emphasis on basic house structure and materilas.

Landscape Illustration for Corporate Office Building

A corporate office building in Kelang Malaysia acquired a design build off to enhance the interior and exterior of the office building with innovative localy inspired landscaping

Mobile Office Cabin Design and Spaces

Illustration and design for an additional office space using mobile steel structured cabins.

KL City Mobile Hawker Stall Design

Upgrading Kuala Lumpur city outdoor mobile stall with intuitive and practical design, affordable, cleanliness, transportable and modern facilities.

Customize concrete5 Skeleton Responsive Themes

Customize Skeleton themes with concrete5, use built-in classes, auto image scale, video re-scale towards a responsive web design approach, much more easier with concrete5 functionality.

Facts About MIT License, OSI MIT X11 Licenses

The MIT License is a software license that was originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to the Free Software Foundation (FSF), the MIT license should be referred to as the X11 license, because MIT has released software …


Small Business and personal guide on SEO, search engine marketing, social media updates, useful tutorials towards a positive sustainable web development growth.

Download Full AVG Internet Security 2013 - Activation Key Included

AVG Internet Security is a very good security software for Windows which, like its name, protects your PC from all kinds of internet threats such us viruses, malwares, worms, bots , spywares and also spam. The system kicks right in, way before you tur…

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Custom Pop-Up StumbleUpon Button Icon Easy Submit Articles

The StumbleUpon pop-up social sharing icons/buttons works with PHP driven websites ie. concrete5, Wordpress, Drupal etc. No external javascripts required and it can be easily customised to your website's preference. Take acccounted for, certain CMS powere…

Rich Snippets Breadcrumbs - Between SEO and User Experience Click Throughs?

In this article we will describe on presenting your website's pages in search engines using breadcrumbs; a rich snippet markup for a webpage. A better presentation to users means, better navigational towards your content for your site. There are myt…

Is Your Small Business Unique Enough?

Stand out from your competitors, if you want your small business to be the best in your industry. In real-life or through the internet, you have got to show your future clients and customers what makes you different from the others. It's not about uni…

Add Twitter Social Share Button/Icon - Pop-Up Window Tweets

In this tutorial, we would show you on how to add custom browser friendly pop up social share button for Twitter. You can customise Twitter's equired icons/images accordingly to your website's layout design. Your website will have more design consistency …

How To Start Your Small Business Keyword Research Easily

There were some queries and questions from the audience regarding keyword, its potential and the research stage. I was thinking, it would be a great idea to add this here in Small-BizNext for reference and future reads. We do not want getting the wrong ke…

5 Powerful Innovative Ideas That Will Inspire Small Business Today

With today technology, services and products lifecycle is coming of age and in turn global trade is leading its own powerful path. Competition between small businesses in the internet today has lowered its barriers in various industries. So, what will be …

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